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Center for Addiction Treatment Responds to COVID-19

Walk-In Assessments, Monarch Primary Care are Open


The Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT), one of our community’s most-respected comprehensive addiction treatment agencies, has more than 48 residential treatment patients, as well as a detox unit with a capacity for 32 patients for detox, outpatient, Monarch primary care, counseling, after-care and comprehensive family education programs.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to the many ordered closures and changes to healthcare delivery systems, CAT is setting priorities to maintain essential medical and supporting staff only at its Ezzard Charles facility to care for residential treatment and detox patients. CAT will also continue to dispense medications for medication-assisted treatment.  CAT has moved non-essential staff, those who are not required to be onsite for residential patient care, to a work-from-home model.  

“These are life-saving treatments that must continue throughout this community-wide emergency,” said Dr. Deborah Frankowski, medical director of CAT.  “We will continue to care for our residential patients and make sure that those who need to continue medication-assisted treatment will receive their necessary prescriptions,” she added. 

“CAT will begin utilizing Ohio Telehealth to the best of our ability, so those staff working from home can begin to navigate a new normal that limits patient interaction,” said Mike Rosen, vice president of clinical services at CAT.  “Furthermore, CAT will continue to provide walk-in assessments and Monarch primary care services.  If you or someone you love needs treatment for addiction, please call 513-381-6672."