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Spaulding Recovery & Family Care Building

Spaulding Recovery & Family Care Building

For over 45 years, the Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) has been the regional leader in addiction treatment. Today, CAT has again taken the lead to change the future of addiction in Cincinnati.

To respond to the increasing opioid crisis, CAT has built a $5 million expansion providing new services — primary care and outpatient counseling — for those in need.

Why It's Needed

Despite CAT's varitey of existing services, this expansion increased development to our medical detox program, short-term residential program, and medication-assisted treatment program, which are key to breaking the cycle of addiction.

Construction began in May of 2016, and was completed in August 2017. The facility increased the number of patients seen from 1,700 in FY15 to 6,000 a year, nearly quadrupling the number of patients served. The increased availability of treatment will save lives and families while providing hope in the Greater Cincinnati region. 

Planned capacity and funding projections

Adding Primary Care and Outpatient Counseling

The inclusion of a primary health care wrap-around program will allow comprehensive, on-site treatment. By treating the individual with a more holistic approach, other health indicators, including acute and chronic comorbidities (like depression, anxiety, hepatitis C, and dental issues), can be addressed. Often, patients struggling with addiction do not get the primary health care they need in a way that supports their efforts to rebuild their lives. In the first year of this new primary health care program, we expect more than 2,800 people to be served.

The newly created outpatient counseling program uses treatment and intervention techniques to increase the strengths and resources of each patient served. Using personalized, professional counseling services, the program is designed to empower individuals to build the skills needed to begin their recovery process.