Sydney's Story

July 2017

Dear CAT Supporter,

Inside the gates of Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT), miracles take place around the clock.  Early in the morning, CAT is a hub of activity -- a new patient arrives to begin his journey while his anxious Mom waits by his side.  Third shift nurses complete a shift change while the kitchen cleans up breakfast dishes downstairs.  Counselors and doctors gear up to fight the good fight. Meanwhile, our patients get on their knees to thank their higher power and ask for help to stay clean and sober.

As evening falls things begin to wind down.  This lovely picture of our courtyard and gazebo, taken by one of our staff who is in recovery, shows off the stained glass windows of our building, a former convent.  I think it captures the serenity of recovery, don’t you?  So in that spirit, I want to share with you a story about a young woman I recently met.

Sydney* walked through CAT’s doors looking to change her life.  Up until a few weeks ago you would have found her on the streets or if she was lucky, sleeping in an abandoned building.  Fueled by an addiction to heroin, she eventually became homeless and survived by panhandling or raiding dumpsters.  She was broken spiritually, mentally and physically.  It was a blessing as I watched her come through our gates and become part of our morning hub of activity as she was admitted that day.

You see, Sydney is a miracle because she’s been given the opportunity to experience the serenity of recovery.  One look in her eyes and you see her determination and courage! People like Sydney who want treatment should have access to it but that is not always the case, especially for the crucial step of detox, which is not adequately funded with public monies.

This is where your contribution will make a difference!  Your gift will help close the funding gap to ensure that help is available.  Won’t you help me bring the serenity of recovery to another person like Sydney by making a gift today?

We’re counting on you to help us continue our round-the-clock work.  So many lives remain at stake. Open your heart and send your generous gift today!

 Warm regards,

 Sandra L. Kuehn, President/CEO

*Sydney’s real name was changed to protect her anonymity.