Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope harnesses the passion of those who support recovery for the benefit of patients earnestly working toward it. Voices of Hope stands alongside CAT to give voice to the treatment needs of young adults through outreach to the community, raising funds for treatment enhancement and by serving as ambassadors to break the stigma associated with addiction. Voices of Hope consists of women and men whose families have been directly impacted by substance abuse, as well as people in the community who are concerned about the lack of treatment resources in our area.

Voices of Hope provides many ways to get involved in three main areas of focus:

  • Advocacy: The face of recovery starts with yours! Members help increase treatment access and raise awareness by advocating for public policy changes.
  • Education: They become a leader in the community by providing education to students, parent groups, legislators, and peers.
  • Fundraising: They help raise money to support treatment for those in need who otherwise couldn't afford it.

Membership is free. To join, email nancyb@CCATsober.org or call (513) 381-6672, ext. 124.