Press Room

Help Needed to Triple Space for Heroin Treatment Center

Joe Tomain, dean emeritus and a professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, explains the need for donations to add to treatment center capacity.

Channel 5 details new opioid treatment option

Channel 5 and CAT share information on a new tool to fight opioid addiction.

New Treatment for Opioid Addiction in Final Stages of Approval

Channel 5's Lisa Cooney speaks to a CAT alum about the benefits of medication-assisted treatment and new options on the horizon.

Naloxone Billboards Going Up in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services plan to launch a campaign to get people to train and carry naloxone, an antidote to heroin and opioid overdose.

CAT Kicks Off Campaign to Triple Addiction Treatment

CAT has kicked off a capital campaign in an effort to build a new facility and triple the number of patients it is able to treat. 

Leading Addiction Treatment Site Hopes to Triple Patients

Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) officially kicked off its Lead the Change Campaign today with an announcement that the campaign is at 58% to its goal. 

CAT Takes Lead to Change Future of Addiction - Kicks Off Capital Campaign

The  $5.7 million Lead the Change Campaign will add much needed treatment capacity to the CAT campus.

Lawmakers: Give $10M to The Banks, $2M to CAT

State lawmakers announced plans to give Center for Addiction Treatment $2 million for its planned expansion.

WCPO Editorial: Heroin Addiction is a Disease, Not a Choice

The WCPO Editorial Board shares it thoughts on how treating addiction as a disease, instead of a moral failing, will change for the better how we respond to this crisis. 

WCPO Editorial: We'll Work on Finding a Way Forward on the Heroin Epidemic

David Holthaus, managing editor for opinion and engagement, details why the station has created an editorial board specifically to address the heroin epidemic.