Concerned about Someone Else?

Those who suspect substance abuse by a friend or family member should approach with care and understand that a common reaction is to deny a problem exists. If a family member or friend admits there is a problem, he or she may also need assistance with seeking help. That includes guiding these loved ones toward professional counseling and treatment.

At CAT, our skilled care professionals understand the physical and emotional complexities of addiction because we have been helping patients recover from substance abuse for 45 years. Our staff is empathetic and non-judgmental, and we provide services with strict and complete confidentiality. Above all, we are committed to treating patients, their families and friends with respect and dignity.

Family members and friends of those suffering alcohol or drug addiction can seek further support through Al-Anon and/or Nar-Anon, independent organizations founded to support the families and friends of those suffering from alcohol and/or drug dependencies. CAT hosts weekly Nar-Anon meetings on Tuesdays and Al-Anon meetings on Wednesdays. All meetings are held at CAT’s facility at 6:30 p.m.

The meetings introduce the concepts and ideas that aid in personal and family recovery. Experience, strength and hope are shared by members who are having, or have had, difficulties in dealing with the effects of someone else's addiction. We encourage people to come when they are able, but visitors should be at least 16 years old.

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