Management Staff

---> Chellie McLellan

Chellie McLellan

  • President/CEO

Chellie joined the organization in June of 2020, where she brought with her over 25 years of experience of successfully running several nonprofits. She’s focusing on fostering and maintaining a culture of excellence by consistently applying her comprehensive fundraising, financial, and management backgrounds to the daily ins and outs of the organization.

---> Sharlene Brown

Sharlene Brown

  • Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

In Sharlene’s role as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), she is responsible for overseeing all aspects of financial operations.

---> Mike Rosen, LPCC-S

Mike Rosen

  • Vice President Clinical Services

Recently promoted to Vice President, Clinical Services, Mike Rosen has provided supervision and clinical direction to the counseling department and its support team since 2011.

---> Michelle  Pritchard

Michelle Pritchard

  • Director of Clinical Services

Michelle provides direct oversight of the counseling department ensuring the highest quality treatment services are implemented.

---> Tricia White

Tricia White

  • Human Resources Director

In Tricia’s role as the Director of Human Resources at Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT), she guides the oversight of all human resources and people operations within the organization.

---> Patti Webb

Patti Webb

  • Director Access and Information Management

As the Director of Access and Information Management, Patti Webb provides management of access to services as well as oversight of all patient health information related policies and processes.

---> Ebony Marshall

Ebony Marshall

  • Director of Nursing

In Ebony’s role as the Director of Nursing at Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT), she provides direct leadership to all Nursing, PCTs, and related staff.

---> Stephanie Vorhees

Stephanie Vorhees

  • Director of Development

As the Director of Development, Stephanie develops the strategic plan and provides leadership and oversight of CAT’s Development, Public Relations, and Communications & Marketing efforts to ensure that CAT is able to continue to meet the growing needs of its mission.

---> Nancy Blamer

Nancy Blamer

  • Development Manager

As the development manager, Nancy Blamer is responsible for all agency communications – including the website, newsletter, social media and any marketing and public relations efforts – as well as fundraising events and grant writing for special projects.

---> Nikki Smoot

Nikki Smoot

  • Manager of Quality and Compliance

In Nikki’s role as Manager of Quality and Compliance, Nikki leads in the maintenance and improvement of integrity for Center for Addiction Treatment’s contracts, grants, records, and accreditation standards.