Tim and Abby's Story

Holidays 2019

Dear CAT Supporter,

As a longtime, valued support of the Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) we know that you are very aware of the devastating effects that the opioid epidemic has had on our community.

We've found ourselves in a place and time where everybody knows someone who is either battling with addiction, or who loves someone who is battling addiction, or sadly, who has lost their battle.

Left unaddressed, this disease has the power to not only kill an individual, but to destroy families and tear apart our communities.

For fifty years, CAT has grown to be a beacon of hope for all those who suffer from this disease. We are the oldest nonprofit addiction treatment center in the area. For half a century, we've been ensuring that recovery is within reach for anyone who seeks it, as every life is sacred and worth saving.

It is because of the compassion and generosity of valued supporters like yourself that we have been able to continue to grow and meet the rising needs of our community.

Will you continue to support us, then ensuring that we are here for the next fifty years with a special gift this holiday season?  Your gift will help people like Tim and Abby overcome the hurdles of their addiction and allow them to reclaim their lives so they can be here for the next beautiful chapter!

Today more than ever, the need for support is monumental! Your gift will change lives! By supporting CAT, you are helping us to continue to meet the rising needs of those in our community who are facing the distress, heartbreak, and utter devastation of addiction. Please don't underestimate the value of what your contribution can do! We cannnot do this without people like you.

On behalf of all the men and women who find the courage to change, we thank you for being partners in their journey.

With deepest gratitude,

 Sandra L. Kuehn, President/CEO