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Medically Monitored Detox

CAT provides patients the safety and comfort of inpatient detoxification in a medically monitored facility. Depending on the level of substance dependence and the substance being detoxed, the length and severity of withdrawal will vary per individual. We recommend pairing our detoxification services in combination with our other programs, such as Medication Assisted Treatment or Short-term Residential Treatment, to prepare patients for long-term recovery.

Inpatient, On-Site Medical Detox

During inpatient detox, patients receive 24/7, around the clock care on our campus. A typical stay is three to seven days, but may be longer or shorter based on individualized care and presentation.

While being managed by our prescribers, our equally caring and qualified nursing staff aid with assessment and medication administration. Our professional, medical staff are always on hand to recognize and quickly respond to our patient’s needs throughout the recovery process.

In addition to receiving support from our medical staff, clients also benefit from counseling, psychoeducation & therapy groups, and peer support.

After completing detoxification, we guide each patient to appropriate recovery options that help them on the path to achieve lifelong recovery. Learn more about CAT’s treatment options here.