Patient Access/Admissions

CAT’s treatment structure is designed for those who require immediate care for drug and/or alcohol dependency. To that end, we must first ensure that CAT can adequately address individual needs before guiding patients onto a solid road to recovery. If CAT cannot meet these needs, we will refer the patient to another service provider who can provide more appropriate services.

The admissions process begins with a call to our Access Team at (513) 381-6672. A coordinator will complete an initial screening and assessment over the phone. If the patient qualifies for treatment at CAT and a bed is available, we will schedule an admission. Please note that due to space limitations, we are sometimes required to operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

If the patient does not require detoxification and would like to begin treatment in the Short-Term Residential Treatment program, we will provide an appointment for an assessment. If treatment at CAT is deemed appropriate, we will schedule an admission date for the short-term program. CAT strives to admit patients as quickly as possible so they should be prepared – sometimes admissions come on short notice.

In order to be admitted, each patient must present photo identification, any applicable fees and a piece of home-addressed mail postmarked within the last thirty days. If the patient is taking doctor-prescribed medications, he or she must bring along a 30-day supply.

CAT’s professional care staff and comfortable, 3.5-acre campus are among the finest in the country, yet our services are surprisingly affordable. The cost for a seven-day detoxification followed by 28 days of treatment at CAT is often less than half the cost of other treatment centers.