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Short-Term Residential Treatment

CAT’s Short-Term Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program provides individual attention and education to help patients focus on recovery after detoxification has taken place. Our program offers educational sessions, group and individual therapy and 12-step meetings. The specific needs and progress of each patient ultimately determines the length of stay. A typical short-term residential program lasts a month.

CAT’s trained counselors educate patients on the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, relapse prevention, stress management and similar issues related to chemical dependency. Additional sessions include music therapy, art, recreation, spirituality discussions and more.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

At CAT, we enhance our patients’ opportunities for recovery through a variety of evidence-based treatments, including Medication-Assisted Treatment.

Because withdrawal from drugs such as heroin, oxycodone (OxyContin®), and methadone is often painful, many patients abandon treatment before completing detoxification. We offer hope. 

By pairing appropriate counseling with the use of medications like Suboxone®, Vivitrol®, Naltrexone®, and Sublocade Long-Acting Buprenorphine, drug and opioid-dependent people can manage the disease of addiction and focus on other aspects of their lives.

Getting started is simple. Our Patient Access team can answer questions and set up an initial appointment with care and discretion. We will help determine if Medication-Assisted Treatment is the appropriate treatment and, if it is, we’ll be there to quickly guide the patient on the road to recovery.

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Suboxone® is a drug-dependency medication that helps wean patients off of opioids and is approved for treatment in an office-based setting. CAT’s Suboxone® program is an outpatient program through which the medication is dispensed for take-home use, just like any other prescription. The treatment not only helps with withdrawal symptoms but controls cravings. The treatment is paired with one-on-one counseling to increase opportunities for success.

Unlike most Suboxone® treatment programs, CAT offers multiple levels of care – from pretreatment to detoxification to aftercare. We are able to tend to most chemical dependency treatment needs right here. Our patients do not move from doctor to doctor or from one treatment center to another, so they are able to quickly grow comfortable with our staff and facility. All this translates to a more effective treatment program.

This video may be helpful in explaining how Suboxone® works for opiate dependency.

To learn more about CAT’s Suboxone® programs, call (513) 381-6672 or click here to send a confidential email.


Vivitrol® is an injectable opioid blocker that serves as an option for patients seeking treatment that includes alcohol or opioid abstinence. The active ingredient in Vivitrol® works as a “blocker.” It attaches to certain opioid receptors in your brain and blocks the pleasurable feelings associated with taking opioids or drinking alcohol. It is administered monthly in the Medication-Assisted Treatment clinic, where patients also receive counseling and physician services.

This page may be helpful in explaining how Vivitrol® works for opiate dependency.

To learn more about CAT’s Vivitrol® programs, call (513) 381-6672 or click here to send a confidential email.