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Get Involved

Volunteers play a vital role in supporting CAT’s addiction recovery services. By becoming involved and providing help, you can make an impact in all areas at CAT, from driving patients to meetings to serving on volunteer leadership committees.

We offer a variety of ways to help so you can find what programs or services fit best with your skills, talents and personality.


Volunteers dedicate themselves to supporting CAT’s mission of saving lives and rebuilding families by providing recovery tools. Nearly 200 volunteers collectively provide more than 5,000 hours of service annually to CAT.

Some volunteers work directly with patients, while others provide administrative assistance, work on fundraisers or help with special projects, including the upkeep of our beautiful gardens. A dedicated group of professionals serves on the board of directors and other board committees, lending their expertise to help govern the agency.

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Volunteers not only impact the lives of our patients, but their work has an economic impact as well. Their generosity of time and talent allows us to reduce costs in some areas, instead directing dollars to where they make the most impact.

Some volunteer on an ongoing basis, while others work on a specific project for a limited time. Volunteering is a great way to meet people and support CAT’s mission.

Contact Human Resources at 513.381.6672 or via email if you or your group would like to volunteer.

Download our Volunteer Application Form here.

Alumni & Friends

About the Group

The CAT Alumni & Friends Association strives to establish and enhance a mutually beneficial enduring relationship between CAT and all of its alumni. The association encourages support for CAT, facilitates communication between alumni and CAT and offers opportunities for volunteer service.

The CAT Alumni & Friends Association is a critical component of what we do at CAT. In addition to coordinating activities with patients, CAT alumni organize and host social and fundraising events. But the most important thing the alumni do is share experience, strength and hope with our patients, encouraging them along the road to recovery.

In all its activities, the CAT Alumni & Friends Association is committed to recovery as a lifelong process and fosters CAT’s vision that Recovery is Within Reach.

Who We Are

CAT Alumni & Friends members include former clients, friends, family, staff, and others who want to get involved.

What We Do

The CAT Alumni & Friends Association supports current patients and CAT by hosting free activities with the current patients, organizing social activities for CAT Alumni and Friends, and by holding fundraisers and spirit raisers throughout the year. The money raised is used to host the in-house activities and celebrations for clients and their families, buy art, athletic, or other supplies for the current patients, and to organize our Annual Reunion Picnic. The association is a fun way to network, stay in touch with other graduates and participate in clean and sober activities.

Are you a CAT alum? Join our Alumni & Friends Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible for the Alumni & Friends Association?

CAT has been serving the public since 1970, and everyone who has completed treatment at CAT is considered alumni. In addition, anyone who has completed treatment at another facility or is the friend or family of someone who has completed treatment is considered a friend and is also welcome to participate and serve in our meetings and functions.

Is the Alumni & Friends Association a recovery program?

No. While “helping others” is a critical element in most recovery programs, the Alumni & Friends Association should not be considered a substitute. Anyone with questions about a recovery program should speak with an addictions counselor or group facilitator.

How do I join?

To join, contact Barbara Walkenhorst, Recovery Coach, at 513.381.6672 x168 or can also connect with the CAT Alumni and Friends group on Facebook.

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Peer Mentors

Recovering from addiction can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. So, CAT has created a system to take some of the weight off. The Peer Mentor Program partners a select group of individuals who have achieved recovery and now live in celebration of sobriety with our recovering patients. These mentors connect personally with recovering patients through shared experiences and provide patients with support through education and assistance on reaching recovery.

Our mentor’s role is to support and advocate for our patients and their sobriety. Because of their personal experiences with dependencies, our mentors understand and empathize with our patients in ways that people who have not suffered with addiction cannot, and they do so on a one-to-one basis. Mentors listen to our patients, share stories and provide the information and resources necessary to empower the mentees to problem-solve. In short, our mentors serve as bridges that can carry our patients from treatment to the recovery community. 

As part of this process, our Peer Mentors guide and encourage mentees to participate in all recovery options beneficial to the patient, including CAT Continuing Care, CAT Alumni & Friends, and 12-Step recovery programs. These support systems are what helps create a solid foundation for the patient who is new to recovery.

CAT assigns Peer Mentors to those patients who are determined to benefit from the services. 

To learn more about becoming a Peer Mentor, please contact Recovery Coach Barb Walkenhorst at 513.381.6672 x168 or via email

Donations to CAT’s general fund help close the gap in funding so we can provide services to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Gifts can be made in honor of or in memory of someone special.

Your support helps us save and change lives. Donate today to give someone a better tomorrow.

Donate using a credit card by phone by calling the development office at 513.381.6672.

Or make checks payable to Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) and mail to:

Center for Addiction Treatment
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