Press Room

Is Sports Betting Coming to Ohio?

WCPO's Larry Seward talks to CAT Counselor Blake Huelsman about sports betting

CAT Peer Services Supervisor Barb Walkenhorst

WCPO reporter Lucy May speaks with Barb Walkenhorst

Virtual addiction services critical during Covid-19 pandemic

WCPO investigates how local treatment centers are delivering critical addiction services during Covid-19 Pandemic

Changes to treatment during Covid-19 pandemic

CAT Medical Director Dr. Deborah Frankowski describes changes to treatment methods during the Covid-19 pandemic

CAT turns to telehealth during Covid-19 crisis

WXVU speaks with CAT Medical Director Dr. Deborah Frankowski about telehealth

Super meth poses new threat in Tri-State

Meth in liquid form - called "meth in process" - is on the rise.