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CAT honors trio of women who help other women get in recovery

Lead the Change fundraising campaign supports expansion of treatment facilities for women

CAT's Communications Intern Program Named Area's Best

UC Communications Department bestows prestigious honor at April 10 event

Safe Places Cincy

Safe Places Cincy launches new program to help people get addiction treatment more quickly.

Channel 12: Art Show at CAT reveals emotional journey for mother/daughter

Images of pain mixed with joy depict a daughter's journey to recovery. 

Spectrum News - Woman's Addiction Inspires Mother's Artwork

A mother has created a painting of a vivid memory she has of her daughter the night before entering treatment for drug addiction.

Washington Post - CAT Patient Tells His Story

Former CAT patient, Ryan Hess, talks about his journey from "rock bottom" to recovery. 


Enquirer - Is Addiction a Disease?

Survey results on opinions from Greater Cincinnatians

Enquirer - Addiction Treatment Maze

More than a decade into a nationwide epidemic, many physicians in the United States may not know where to send people with an opioid addiction.