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WCPO – Expansion Adds Treatment Services, More Detox Beds

WCPO's Briana Harper covers the grand opening of the new Spaulding Recovery and Family Care Building.

After working out of the same building for over four decades, the Center for Addiction Treatment will expand to better serve those with a substance abuse disorder. 

The expansion of the facility means more detox beds and an opportunity to provide more comprehensive health care.

NBC Nightly News Examines the Opioid Crisis in Hamilton County

In response to President Trump's vow to beat the nation's opioid epidemic, NBC Nightly News examines the crisis in Hamilton County and speaks to CAT alumnus Kristina L.

WLW - CAT Board President Shares Thoughts on Heroin Fatigue

CAT Board President Steve Goodin discusses heroin fatigue and the need for continued funding and public support.

Business Courier - City Council strikes compromise on $350,000 in funding

Cincinnati Council settled a dispute Wednesday over how an extra $350,000 in human services money would be spent.

WKRC -- Fight to Reduce Opioid Abuse or Violence? City Decides on Funding Priorities

Reducing heroin abuse is now officially a budgetary priority for the city of Cincinnati.

City council, on Wednesday, added “opioid abuse reduction” to the list of human services funding categories.

Enquirer - After pleas, Council restores some money for addiction center

The Cincinnati Enquirer details the happenings during a Cincinnati City Council meeting in which members debated how or if to restore funding to the Center for Addiction Treatment. 

WCPO - Council Compromise on Addiction Treatment

WCPO's Briana Harper highlights the results of Cincinnati City Council's debate over how to split human services funds. 

WLWT Covers Details of "Tug-of-War" Over City Funding

WLWT's Courtis Fuller shares the details of the Cincinnati City Council debate on how to spend human services funding. CAT ultimately received $87,000, a significant decrease from recent years.

Enquirer - Simpson, Cranley War Over Violence Prevention Money

Just as Cincinnati City Council was wrapping up the 2018 operating budget members agreed to spend an additional $350,000 to help the poor. Only now, council members can’t agree on who they should give it to. And the mayor is weighing in too.

Enquirer – Woman Finds "Family" in Court, Along With Path to Recovery

The Cincinnati Enquirer shares how Change Court, a two-year program to help women who have been victims of human trafficking and battle drug addiction, is impacting women on the path to recovery.