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WLWT - Preparing for new year, Ohio still burdened with deadly heroin surge

The battle to overcome the heroin crisis continues into a new year with a mix of sad reality and stories of success. There has been no stop to the surge in heroin and fentanyl overdoses in Ohio in 2016.

WLW - CAT helping to stem the tide of heroin addiction

CAT Director of Nursing Katherine (Kat) Engel, R.N., speaks with 700 WLW host Sterling about the agency's role in saving lives of tri-staters in the midst of deadly heroin epidemic.

CAT Alumna Among Those Off The Streets

Cincinnati Magazine profiles Off The Street, a program aimed at helping women  involved in prostitution and sex trafficking transition to a normal life. 

CAT Staffer Shares Experience to Help Others

CAT Recovery Coach Lisa Mertz shares her experiences at a press conference to announce the Hamilton County Jail's new Recovery Pod. 

CAT Takes Active Role in Recovery Pod Program

WKRC covers the press conference announcing the Hamilton County Jail's new Recovery Program and the role of CAT in it.

Cost of addiction treatment

WCPO Channel 9 Tom McKee speaks with CAT President/CEO Sandi Kuehn about costs of treating drug or alcohol addiction.

Methamphetamine Comeback

WCPO's Tom McKee reports a possible comeback of methamphetamines as  CAT President/CEO Sandi Kuehn testifies at Cincinnati Council meeting about the need for more treatment beds.

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt - CAT Patient Brandon Shares His Story of Addiction and Hope

CAT Patient Brandon shares his story of addiction and hope with NBC's Gabe Gutierrez as hundreds of overdoses from heroin and carfentanil hit Cincinnati. 

WXIX - Finding Ways to Combat the Heroin Epidemic

CAT CEO Sandi Kuehn shares information with WXIX's Kara Sewell on barriers to addiction treatment and suggestions on how those in need can get help. 

WCPO - City Leaders Asked to Declare War on Addiction and Find More Funding

City leaders ask for a public health emergency in Ohio and additional funding for more treatment beds. CAT CEO Sandi Kuehn addresses the issue.