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WCPO Editorial: Heroin Addiction is a Disease, Not a Choice

The WCPO Editorial Board shares it thoughts on how treating addiction as a disease, instead of a moral failing, will change for the better how we respond to this crisis. 

Drugs suspected as cause of stabbing

A man accused of stabbing a woman in the face may have been under the influence of illegal drugs, authorities suspect.

Mom accused of robbing store pleads for treatment

Woman claims wait for treatment facility led to her further legal troubles.


Drug treatment agency to build West End facility

The Center for Addiction Treatment plans to build a $3.7 million outpatient facility on its campus in the West End.


Treatment Center Adding Outpatient Facility

With heroin abuse reaching epidemic levels in the Tri-State, one of the largest local treatment organizations has a new plan to help addicts.

The Heartbreak of Heroin

The office of Mike Dewine creates Heroin task force to combat the growing epidemic and the impact of overdoses in Ohio.

Narcan initiative to combat growing overdose problem

The Center for Chemical Additions Treatment is one of only three centers across the state working to get a special drug into the right hands to save lives from opiate overdoses.

Know the Signs for Problem Gambling

A new treatment program for problem gambling is now available at the Center for Chemical Addictions Treatment. Call the hotline at 513-381-6672.