Study shows addicted hit harder by Covid-19

Enquirer - Sept. 20, 2020 10:00 p.m.

Having an addiction to any substance – from tobacco to fentanyl – makes people more susceptible to getting COVID-19, new research shows.

Story Highlights:

  • Hospitalizations of people with COVID-19 plus addiction were at 40.1% vs. 30.1% without addiction.

  • Deaths of those with COVID-19 and addiction were at 9.6% compared to 6.6% for those without addiction.

  • Types of substance use disorders studied: opioid, tobacco, alcohol, cannibis, cocaine.

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Michelle Pritchard, director of clinical services at Center for Addiction Treatment, takes the temperature of an incoming patient at the center on Ezzard Charles Drive in the West End.









Michelle Pritchard, Director of Clinical Services
takes the temperature of an incoming patient.