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Recovery Has A Generational Impact

After experimenting with substances for the first time at just 11 years old, Olivia struggled with substance use disorder for much of her life. Everything changed when she walked through CAT’s doors.

25+ Years In Recovery Thanks To CAT

Discover our alum and long-time team member Carliss’ inspirational recovery journey.

Where There is Breath, There is Hope

After a Percocet prescription for an injury led to addiction, Kristina found help and hope at CAT. Today, she is a mother to two daughters and taking care of her own mother.

You Can Change the Legacy You Leave

I know what it’s like feeling like there’s nothing out there for you. There is. Your legacy doesn’t have to be that you were a junkie…

The CAT House Has Been My Spiritual Stronghold

Diane has found refuge from her addiction at CAT and now looks forward to a better and happier life.

Take It One Day at a Time

I’ve realized that you can’t do it alone . . . If you need help, then seek it.

Service to Others Kept Me Sober

Frank attributes his sobriety and good life to following the 12 Steps, particularly, serving others.

I Learned to Ask for Help

I’m Erin and I’m a recovering addict. In 2001, I was a 4.0 student at Seton High School with a scholarship to U.C. Yet by 2012, I found myself with a felony conviction, drinking daily and addicted to opiates. With nowhere left to turn, I reached out to CAT for help.

CAT Gave Me Back My Son and Our Lives

In addition to attending twelve-step meetings near my home, CAT’s family program helped me learn about Joe’s addiction and how I could begin to heal from the damage it had done to our family. I learned how to get help for myself, regardless of the state of Joe’s disease.

A Letter from David, Former Patient

My sponsor tells me on a regular basis that gratitude is an action word. When I told him how grateful I am to the CCAT House and all the people who work there, he reminded me that if I was truly grateful, I would get into action…

A Letter from Beverly, Former Patient

I came to CAT on March Third. Thank God the doors were still open because they gave me back my life. I had been living in a crack house the past four months… I thought that I would die in the life of drugs…