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CAT Client Turned Staff Member Shares His Inspiring Story

Wednesday October 12, 2022

CINCINNATI, October 12, 2022 – Center for Addiction Treatment graduate and now employee Keith Woods proudly shares his own recovery story.

At the age of 38, Keith reached a realization point: addiction had taken over his life. He would bring a bottle of liquor to work with him and was grilling his meals outside because his utilities had been shut off. Keith, who was battling an addiction to alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine, vividly remembers sitting with a friend who asked him what he wanted. Keith’s answer: “I want to go to rehab.” That’s when his friend recommended CAT.

Feeling as though he was unable to recognize the person he’d become, Keith made the life changing decision to begin his journey with CAT. During his time in treatment, he was impacted by the way that the organization treats not only one’s addiction, but the person as a whole.

“I just remember (the team) saying… this is a ‘we’ thing, not a ‘you’ thing,” Keith shares about the way CAT staff came together as a collective to support his recovery. Throughout the process, he discovered that his addiction was not the direct result of others or substances, but rather that it was rooted in self-esteem issues. By breaking through to the core of his addiction, he was able to begin stepping into a lifetime of recovery and giving back.

Now, after completing treatment and graduating from CAT, Keith reflects on how his life has positively been impacted by his recovery journey. “I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter. I’m in a wonderful relationship,” says Keith. “I have a career in a place I love to come to work every single day.”

Today, Keith proudly serves as a Peer Supporter at CAT. In his position, Keith connects directly with patients to uplift and support them on their own paths to recovery. This fall, he celebrates one year in his life saving role.

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