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CAT Director Awarded Ohio Problem Gambling Treatment Fellowship

Thursday November 17, 2022

CINCINNATI, NOVEMBER 17, 2022 – Problem Gambling Network of Ohio selects Center for Addiction Treatment director for the 2023 Ohio Problem Gambling Treatment Fellowship.

PGNO has announced CAT’s Senior Director of Clinical Services, Rachel Johnson, MS, LPCC-S, will be one of five Fellows in the upcoming Ohio Problem Gambling Treatment Fellowship class. The intensive Fellowship will equip Johnson to enhance CAT’s problem gambling treatment services as she completes extensive clinical training, application, and assessment. PGNO has graduated 40 Fellows across the state of Ohio from the 12-month educational and supervisory program since it’s 2016 founding.

“Through continuing education and awareness on gambling disorder and treatment with the Ohio Gambling Treatment Fellowship Program, we at CAT plan to continue to implement new and updated programs for gambling disorder prevention and treatment in the Cincinnati area. After initial training for outpatient counselors, we were able to provide gambling treatment within our programs, and hope to build a stronger, more robust gambling treatment program in all levels of care we provide,” says Johnson. “With the skills and knowledge I obtain through the Fellowship Program, I would like to further train staff on-site for prevention, awareness, and referral partners, as well as continue to facilitate assessment and identification of gambling disorder within our patient population in residential, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs, and further implement programming in all levels to treat gambling disorder.”

Johnson’s Fellowship awarding comes eight months after the launch of Center for Addiction Treatment’s Gambling Program, which provides patients with customized, evidence-based problem gambling disorder treatment. The two-to-three-part recovery program innovatively combines virtual and in-person treatment options to empower clients to receive full counseling care in the way that best adjusts to their lifestyle.

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