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CAT Expands LGBTQ+ Inclusive Service Offerings

Thursday July 7, 2022

CINCINNATI, July 7, 2022 – The Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) will be integrating new LGBTQ+ inclusive educational services and increased LGBTQ+ competency trainings this July.

CAT continues to increase affirming practices through staff competency trainings and client education courses. Intensive cultural competency trainings will be provided to counselors, case managers, and other staff members to target the importance of specific treatment options and techniques when working with the LGBTQ+ population. The new education course will be offered through the Short-Term Residential Treatment program and will cover information about gender, sexuality, and sexual education on a monthly basis.

“I think the importance of education and openly discussing and offering a safe space is so critical to being able to provide affirming treatment for somebody who is in the LGBTQ+ population,” shares Rachel Johnson, Center for Addiction Treatment’s Senior Director of Clinical Services.

By expanding trainings and offering clients increased educational courses, CAT is working towards eliminating the perception of judgement and bias that often prevents LGBTQ+ community members from seeking treatment. “When we’re looking at the research, the research shows that if the agency and the people in the agency are more affirming, safer, open, and not judgmental, the more success we’re going to see within those populations,” says Johnson.

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