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CAT Selected From National Search As Pilot Site For Anti-Stigma Initiative

Friday December 29, 2023

CINCINNATI, December 29, 2023 – Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) announces they have been nationally selected as one of 111 launch sites for Addiction Policy Forum’s Anti-Stigma Initiative Pilot Program, a ground-breaking, substance use disorder stigma-reduction project. During the course of this innovative initiative actively underway, Outpatient Case Manager Keith Woods will be trained on groundbreaking tools to combat addiction discrimination and prejudice. Through practical application across CAT’s extensive Inpatient and Outpatient service and treatment offerings, the agency will utilize the tools and knowledge gained from the program to expand their ongoing stigma reduction commitment.

“I believe the Anti-Stigma program will open doors that have been locked. This will be the key to new opportunities and relationships that might not have come to pass without the knowledge that would be shared,” says Woods. “I have faced stigma my whole life in many forms. To be (one) of the first (program) facilitators is just proof that stigmas can be broken.”

Key efforts of this collaboration will include instruction regarding identifying addiction stigma, increasing community-wide knowledge about the disease of addiction, and improving individuals’ interactions with those who struggle with a substance use disorder. As one of the longest-standing addiction treatment centers in the Greater Cincinnati area, CAT’s selection as one of only two organizations in the state of Ohio to participate in this country-wide initiative cements the agency’s dedication to ensuring recovery is within reach for all who seek it.

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