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Olivia’s Recovery Story

Recovery has delivered priceless gifts to CAT’s thousands of alumni, like Olivia. After growing up in a broken home and experimenting with substances at just 11 years old, Olivia struggled with substance use disorder throughout much of her life.

After losing her residence, vehicle, and eventually her children at various times throughout the course of active addiction, she walked through CAT’s doors and found recovery care. It’s transformed her life forever.

Now, 2.5 years sober later, she’s rebuilt her life & family and proudly reflects on her service to others in the community in her prior role at CAT.

Recovery has brightened the lives of Olivia and her loved ones, sparking a ripple effect of positive change on all the lives she touches.

It impacts her father, who’s also found sobriety himself, the countless people and their families she has guided towards healing at CAT, and her two young children, whom she’s built the life she’s dreamed of for. 

“What’s so beautiful is I am such a wonderful, present mother today. I get to raise them in a way I’ve never known. I broke the cycle,” Olivia shares. 

“I was once struggling in the darkness with no hope. Now, I get to appreciate life and family and the treasures of this world more than the average person that doesn’t realize how dark it can get.”