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Take it one day at a time

I was never into drinking, but later on I became introduced to using cocaine, which led me being charged with a few misdemeanors as a criminal drug user. This caused me to lose my job as a teacher which resulted in evictions, financial debt, and maxed out credit cards. At my lowest point, I confessed to my boss about my drug problem, who suggested that I get treatment and come back when I became clean.

I had been familiar with Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) for some time, but before I never thought I was someone who needed help.

Since April 2018, I’ve stayed clean. I’m now a CAT Peer Mentor and have a steady recovery which has allowed me to acquire the physical rehab I need for my hip replacement. CAT made me realize that no matter how far you’ve come, no matter how clean you’ve stayed, it’s still about taking it one day at a time. I’ve realized that you can’t do it alone. If you need help, then seek it, because it’s out there for you.

Fortunately, thanks to the grace of God and the CAT house, I was able to reach this point of clarity. The only thing is that I must stay involved in peer mentoring and the alumni program in order to maintain this. This is my contribution, so that I’m able to continue to receive the support that we all deserve. 

-Nathaniel C.